From the Ground Up

Building our Dream Home from Scratch
The Best Four Letter Word

The Best Four Letter Word

Going once, going twice…SOLD!

Yes, that’s correct…SOLD! I said it, it’s out there now, free from my lips and into the universe.

We finally left the world of escrow purgatory and are on our way to our next journey in life and can now start to build our Dream Home. It was a long tedious battle with the buyers and now I have exactly one month to vacate our home and move on.

I thought I had detached myself from our home here and realized with the good news of our house being sold, that I would have no problem leaving. But once I received the news it was a bitter-sweet victory. I mean Johnny and I have put so much love, sweat and tears into this place, that I both wept and was excited about the news. A part of me is ready for change and is looking forward to our next phase of life. The other part of me is terrified. Change is never easy, and trust me we have gone through many changes in our life together. This is seems so final and resolved that there is no turning back.

When I phoned Johnny regarding the good news, with tears and joy, He reminded me to look at the new plans of our new home. Johnny told me that he too had mixed emotions, but was so looking forward to the next chapter of our life, and I was too. Looking at the plans made me feel that we were indeed making the right choice and felt so truly blessed that we had made our decision. The right decision. Our new home would be an extension of our life moving forward to new adventures and new memories to be made. I would now have another chance to apply my styling background to the new build and make it a true reflection of who we have become and who we are today. It will mirror the lessons we have learned throughout our life as a couple, the present and lastly apply that to the our future goals.

Our new home will be a true depiction of how we visualize the years to come. Housing our pieces that we have picked up along the way and unique style that we have cultivated over the years.

Now, the not so fun part begins…Packing!

Living in Escrow

Having your house on hold while in Escrow is known to my husband as “Someone being held in purgatory by the mafia with concrete shoes on your feet and barely holding on as they have just their nose above water waiting for the tide to roll in”. I’m mean it is quite the orchastration, with banks, lenders, inspectors, the purchaser and the paper work. Oh my Lord the paper work.

"Sign here, her and here, and finally your initials on this that and the other thing, however there are a few others papers we need to go through, you know, to sign away your soul?"

This is what I hate about selling. Most of the money will be going out to line other peoples pockets and get drained dry. I know I’m sounding a bit cynical here, but the process is so long that you wonder, if at all, that the house is sold. There are so many demands from the buyer treating you as if you’re a guest at their house. As long as they keep procrastinating the more lists of demands and desires that they want you to fulfill before they move in. It’s definitely a place where you want to come out of on the the other end, Leading you to a light of your new life beyond the realms of escrow purgatory.

Also got word that out home being built did not meet all the qualifications and was denied. So our Architect Matt is in negotiations with the land developers and will have to modify the house to accommodate the rules and regulations, to appease the neighborhoods design and landscaping guidelines. I mean, supposedly we aren’t even allowed to have a walk out basement, but Matt figures there may be a bit of a misunderstanding of which lot they were referring too. Phase one or two?

So while in limbo, its time to start packing and slowly sell of what we won’t be taking with us.

REMINDER: When hiring a moving company, they charge by weight, and not by quantity. So be selective and get rid of what you do not need anymore as well what could go towards a garage sale of even sent to charity.

Round Two…

Another offer on the house, another round of negotiations! This new couple seems to be quite interested in our home. We have inspections staring this coming Friday, and from there we Tango. Push away, come together, the cold shoulder and submission. Trying to sell your home is quite like a dance of sorts. There is much compromise and no one walks away feeling completely satisfied with the results, knowing you could have done better after the fact. But when an offer comes in, you take it, run with it and hope for the best possible scenario.

Selling our home means we are that much closer to our new build. A definite new chapter in our lives. Johnny and I have endured this process before of building our first home, with very little to say when it came to the overall feel of the the layout and esthetics. It wasn’t truly “us”, but it was a great beginning to start our life together as husband and wife. The when purchasing our home here in California, we went through the remodeling stage that took longer than we had anticipated as well as breaking the bank.

This time around we know what we want and don’t want, and the new build will be a reflection of ourselves as well as who we’ve become over the last 17 years together. The renderings of our home suggests, modernism, warmth, surprise and style. We want the new place to be welcoming and enchanting along with whimsy and charm. A place to hang our hats on at the end of a the day and feel like we’re in a surrounding of serenity and calm. A true “get away from it all” setting. So far the future looks bright. Johnny just got a fabulous job offer, one that he could not refuse and taking the right steps in conquering our future plans and making them a reality.

The next big word that utter from my lips, will hopefully be “SOLD”.

You’ve got to be joking?

So this happened…

Just found out that the fellow that put a deposit and offer in on our current home, decided after 12 days in escrow, that he preferred not to purchase our home. Like it or not I’m having to come with terms with the fact we have to go back to Open House, Brokers Open, Private Viewings etc.  So now our place is back on the market with a broken heart.

i don’t know why we’re having such a tough time to sell this place. But unless we sell this house, our new home can’t be built. So while this is going on, we’re still going over the plans and modifying small things along the way, selling our furniture and slowly becoming a bit bummed out. i mean it takes a lot out of a person to constantly keeping your house show home fabulous all the time, while always having to be on call to have a showing at the 11th hour. And with three dogs maintenance of the state of the house is a constant. Getting them prepared to leave the house at the last minute, and cleaning up their daily poo poo schedule is becoming a daunting task. It seems like they have to go right at the same time that my Realtor comes in the front door along with potential buyers. There’s always a small kerfuffle at the front door in getting their harnesses on and getting them to calm down before going on our half hour journey of the neighborhood.

For Sale

Well it’s come to selling our furniture, dishes, and those little collectables you always thought you needed, but became a resting place for the dust. Posting our stuff in Craig’s list and reaching our friends to let them know what’s for sale is of great help. I mean we posted yesterday and already sold 3 pieces of furniture. 

I suppose this will be our spring cleanup, getting rid of what we do and don’t need. Coming to terms of parting ways with items that pull at your heart strings and those you simply could not have believed you actually purchased.

Now needing to empty the cupboards, drawers, shelves and closets, make me feel like it is actually that time to move out. The house is no longer really yours anymore and that a stranger will move in and paint over walls, Do their own D.I.Y. projects on a home you already fixed. 

I thought I had made my peace with leaving this place, but i have to admit this old 1924 home was mine once and that it has it’s comforts and charm. I mean I worked really hard on decorating, painting, upgrading the kitchen and the bathrooms, that this had become my masterpiece. But with a quick slap in the face, I realized a new journey awaits me.

To decorate and style my new home in a completely different way. Working with a modern home and theme does excite me. A new challenge for the designer in me. Putting furniture here, or does it go there, or perhaps at an angle. Creating a new color palette and nuance to our new home is going to be so energizing to my creative soul and pleasing to the eyes. There will be a soft warm modern decor, that will make one feel at home and proud to invite friends and family over to enhance the great spirit of the home itself.

We have very limited time left here and things are piling up, and seem to be going like gangbusters in order to get out in the time allotted to us. A garage sale is also on the to-do list to make some extra cash ( put toward purchasing new items) as well as getting the place in order for the new tenants. Plus the less you move (because they price it all due to weight) the less the price if moving and shipping.

From now on we move forward, being in the present and looking forward to the future. No more looking back.

Our upper floor will no doubt be the favorite space in the home, having everything but a refrigerator . This top floor concept is open, flowing, and a vaulted ceiling for more of an airy feeling.This room has lots of room and holds everything we desired in a bedroom.

Our upper floor will no doubt be the favorite space in the home, having everything but a refrigerator . This top floor concept is open, flowing, and a vaulted ceiling for more of an airy feeling.This room has lots of room and holds everything we desired in a bedroom.

A “Soft Wall”, is a great example of functional art work. It can be used as a room divider or a magazine rack i a sitting are. Attractive and useful.

A “Soft Wall”, is a great example of functional art work. It can be used as a room divider or a magazine rack i a sitting are. Attractive and useful.

The long awaited updated version of our house plans finally arrived. And let’s just say they were well worth the wait. The layout of our home is truly modern and fun. Which gives us an extra job to do…shop for new furniture. Our house that we currently live in is conditionally sold, YAY! Which now puts us in a time crunch, (Fingers crossed that we may see this through.) And so we are selling most of the furniture that we have to make room for the new furniture with it’s warm/modern feel. The look is more focused on it’s longevity and form. We want pieces that are sculptural and will stand the test of time. Some whimsy with clean lines and surprise elements of functional art.

Curb Appeal!

Curb Appeal!